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Our employees manufacture your bed according to your needs, you may customize your bed as you wish.

Our company employs proper craftsmen, in order to guarantee the best quality.



SCHUMM design


We are a craftsmanship oriented company with more than 40 years of experience in the Production of upholstery furniture. For more than 30 years we produce water- and boxspring-beds, as well as matrasses.
We are specialized in the development and production of beds, matrasses and upholstery. Years of experience has helped us to develop an advanced sleeping system. Schumm beds are crafted by certified craftsmen with mastered skills and love for detail. We are only using resources and materials that our craftsmen have approved. We are always looking for new materials that help us to crystalize our ideas. That guarantees quality as well as durability of our products. Sleeping well is the most important part of life.

GOOD NIGHT… since 1981




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